Author and Artist Information Requests

Hi Everyone,

Can’t thank you enough for your patience while I get the mss together, sort out titles for poems etc.

As of today,  each person who recieved an acceptance email should have received an email asking for his/her/their author/artist information.

The email comes from my personal address (which starts with inafelltoearth). If you haven’t received your email , please check your spam folder. If you still can’t find it, please contact the editors (editor [at] 56daysofaugust with that whole dot-comedie thing at the end) so I can make sure we get you what you need!

We would like the info by June 30th so we can get the mss on its way to the publisher  I apologize for the rush after keeping you-all waiting so long, and if you need more time, please let me know.

I’m hoping that this is the last major delay and that you should be getting very regular updates from us (a combination of my having a sudden health crisis and then a health issue in a family member have really made me the bottleneck to this process). Things to look forward to:

  • an email with the final version of your poem before it goes to the printer (artwork should not need a final check)
  • information including publication dates, fundraising, and other publication information
  • dates, times and places for celebrations, readings, and launch eventsaround the US and the globe (if you’re interested in holding one, please contact one of the editors! We’d love to help!)

Looking forward to moving towards the culmination of this process and enjoying the work you-all have done!
♥ Ina

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Things to look for!

Hi Everyone, 

The first draft of the manuscript is progressing nicely, and some really wonderful people are in the process of organizing readings to celebrate the launch of the anthology in October! While we work on this, there are some things contributing poets and artists should know/do:

  • Check your email for requests for information about your work. We still have some unconfirmed titles and author names, and we want to make sure those are right!
  • All of you will be receiving a google form in the next week or so; it will request your permission to publish your work, an agreement that you retain all the rights, and a request for a bio (with the bio parameters)
  • If you’re interested in organizing a reading where you live, please drop us a note at editor [at] fiftysixdaysof august [dot] com (of course sub the numerals for the written-out number and substitute appropriate symbols!)

Questions? We’re always available.

Thanks, as always, for participating in this project and your patience as the anthology is put together!
xo – ina

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Final decisions and next steps

Hi Everyone: 

Thank you all so much for your patience while we were making the really difficult choices of what to include in the 56 Days of August anthology.

Where Are We Now?

*You should have received acceptances and/or declines on all your submitted work as of today, 3/11/17. If you submitted something and haven’t heard back, please contact ina [at] 56 days of august [add a dot com] as soon as possible (please don’t use this website’s contact form for this part of the process)

*Further information (and possibly some thoughts about the process to this point) will be posted on this blog . In addition, you can keep track of the project on Facebook or on Twitter (handle @56daysofaugust)

 Next Steps, Short-Term

* We are in the
process of creating the order for the poems and artwork in the manuscript. This is likely to be a not-trivial process, as we have three editors and thus, three different opinions about how things should go 🙂 So you may not hear more from us right away

*While the mss is being completed, we will be collecting biographical info (we’ll let you know about the length and other guidelines for the bio as soon as we’ve got them figured out), acknowledgement of authors’/artists’ retention of rights to the published work, etc

*We’re also starting to work on launch events around the US and in other areas of the world. Are you interested in holding an event in your area or attending an event? Please contact us at editor [at] 56d ayso faug ust [stick those together and add a dot-com at the end].

More information will follow as we move through the process –

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Final decisions going out

Thanks so much to all the poets and artists who’ve submitted work for being so patient while the editors made decisions about each of the submissions.

These were REALLY hard decisions. Getting to see all the amazing work has been a really humbling experience for me personally.  I feel really honored that I get to interact with so many brilliant and creative people on a yearly basis – working on this anthology, getting to read your work, and working with Judy, Paul, and David is beyond a blessing.

I will be emailing everyone 3/7 and 3/8 with the editorial decisions on the artworks and poems submitted for consideration in the 56Days anthology. Everyone will be notified (including if your work was not chosen – it’s not cool to leave people hanging, IMHO).

Thank you for being part of this process and for trusting us with your work ~ ina

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Work in progress!

Hi Everyone!

We wanted to update everyone on progress on the 56days anthology. The editors are currently making final decisions on submitted poems. We’re also starting to choose

We will email each poet and artist who submitted work to let you know whether your work(s) have been chosen for inclusion in the anthology. I promise, we won’t leave anyone hanging! If you have questions in the meantime, please feel free to use our contact page or to email us at (it may take us a bit longer than usual to get back to you, what with the holidays and all, but we will!).

In the meantime, our best wishes for a lovely 2017! ~ Ina

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Last call!

clockIf you’ve already submitted your postcard poems and/or artwork for the 56 Days of August anthology, thank you! If you’ve been thinking that you’ll submit them soon, your time has come!

Submissions will close on Tuesday, November 1, at 11:59pm Pacific. Late submissions will not be viewed or considered.

The editors hope to have selections finalized and notifications sent out around January 20, 2017.

To submit your work, you’ll find the guidelines, directions and submission forms on the Submit Poetry Here and Submit Artwork Here pages.

Thanks for postcarding…and thanks for letting us consider your work for the 56 Days anthology.

. . . . .
clock art

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56 Days of August

Okay, recipe you procrastinators — yes, pharmacy you! — we’re moving into the countdown phase for the 56 Days of August anthology. If you’ve been contemplating submitting poems or original postcard artwork, YES, you should! If you’ve been thinking you’d like to submit poems, but they need a little tweaking, get busy!

Since our last post on October 5, we have received submissions of 116 more poems, for a total of 241, and 27 more artworks, for a total of 73.

The editors are firm in their belief that this volume should represent the highest quality in both poetry and art. That means submitting is no guarantee of acceptance, but we hope it gives you some incentive to submit your very best!

To submit poems, go to the Submit Poetry Here page and read and follow the instructions very carefully. To submit artwork, go to the Submit Artwork Here page and read and follow the instructions very carefully.

If you have questions about any aspect of the process, ask now! Leave a Comment or email your question to

Submissions will be open until November 1, 2016.

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October update

Your postcard poem here

Here’s a quick update on submissions to the 56 Days of August anthology. Since our last post on September 20, we have received submissions of 28 more poems, for a total of 125, and 13 more artworks, for a total of 46.

Submissions will be open until November 1, 2016, but we know that October is a very busy month and sometimes things can slip your mind. Send your work soon!

As we’ve said before, please read and follow the guidelines for Poetry and/or Artwork and if you have questions, leave a Comment and we’ll do our best to answer.

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Progress report


Just thought we’d give you a quick update on submissions to the 56 Days of August anthology.

To date, pill we’ve received 97 poems. Most people are sending the full complement of five, but some are submitting just one or two. In addition, we’ve received 33 artwork submissions, again mostly in batches of five.

That seems like a pretty solid start, considering that submissions will remain open through November 1, 2016.

If you’re thinking of submitting — and we hope you are — please follow carefully the guidelines for Poetry and/or Artwork.

A few questions have circulated on the APPF Facebook group, but in case you missed the answers or are not in the group, we’ll share them here:

  • Are edits acceptable or must the poems be submitted “raw”? The editors have agreed that minor edits (especially spelling, punctuation, line breaks) are reasonable, in order to put your poems into publication-worthy shape.
  • Is it okay to submit poems written in July or September? Definitely! As long as they were part of the 2016 Fest (including “bonus” cards).
  • I submitted but didn’t get a confirmation. When you submit to the anthology using the forms for Poetry and/or Artwork on the website, you should get an automatic confirmation email. If you did not get a confirmation, either a) your submission did not go through or b) there was a typo in your email address. In either case, send an email to to verify receipt.
  • What’s the deal with Brown Paper Tickets confirmation numbers? We’ve asked that all submissions, whatever the file format, be identified with a Brown Paper Tickets confirmation/registration/receipt/ticket number (whatever it’s called on your email). While we know this makes the submission process more complicated, it helps to assure that submissions will be judged “blind.” You would have received that number by email from Brown Paper Tickets during the August Poetry Postcard Fest open registration period, July 4-17. If you cannot locate your confirmation number, please send an email to and we’ll send it to you.

If you have other questions, please leave a Comment and we’ll do our best to answer.

And meanwhile, Send poems! Send artwork! You have until November 1 to be part of 56 Days of August!


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Last day….

AugPoPo card stack

When you mark each day with a poem and a postcard, August races by: suddenly it’s the 31st. But the end of the August Poetry Postcard Fest is not necessarily as crisp as you might think.

Yes, some people write and mail their 31 postcard poems and that’s that. But a lot of people miss a day here and there and still have un-postcarded names on their list. If you’re one of the latter, don’t quit and don’t despair: keep writing! If you send those cards out this week or next, or the one after that, they will be just as appreciated as if they had arrived during August.

Still other APPF participants can’t give up the practice and keep sending “bonus” cards. Sometimes they go to postcarding connections from previous Fests, or to Facebook group friends, or even….to everyone on the list! If you’re a poet, the habit of writing a postcard-sized chunk of text each day can really improve your writing.

Whatever your progress with your 31 cards, we hope you will consider submitting poems and/or postcard art for the 56 Days of August anthology. The submission pages and guidelines are now posted — one for Artwork and one for Poetry. The instructions are fairly detailed, so please read and follow them carefully.

Please note: submissions are open to 2016 APPF participants only. You will need to provide your Brown Paper Tickets confirmation number when you submit your poems or artwork (you’re also asked to use your BPT number in naming your files). Registration was open July 4-17 and you would have received a confirmation email from Brown Paper Tickets during that time. Please check your inbox for that email and the confirmation number (it’s a long string of capital letters or letters and numbers). If you cannot locate your confirmation number, please contact APPF at

Submissions will be open September 1 through November 1, 2016. Since there’s no big rush, you may want to set your poems aside for a week or two, then go back and re-read them before making your decisions about what to submit. The editors regret that not all work submitted will be included. Please submit only your very best poems and/or artwork.


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