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Last day….

AugPoPo card stack

When you mark each day with a poem and a postcard, August races by: suddenly it’s the 31st. But the end of the August Poetry Postcard Fest is not necessarily as crisp as you might think.

Yes, some people write and mail their 31 postcard poems and that’s that. But a lot of people miss a day here and there and still have un-postcarded names on their list. If you’re one of the latter, don’t quit and don’t despair: keep writing! If you send those cards out this week or next, or the one after that, they will be just as appreciated as if they had arrived during August.

Still other APPF participants can’t give up the practice and keep sending “bonus” cards. Sometimes they go to postcarding connections from previous Fests, or to Facebook group friends, or even….to everyone on the list! If you’re a poet, the habit of writing a postcard-sized chunk of text each day can really improve your writing.

Whatever your progress with your 31 cards, we hope you will consider submitting poems and/or postcard art for the 56 Days of August anthology. The submission pages and guidelines are now posted — one for Artwork and one for Poetry. The instructions are fairly detailed, so please read and follow them carefully.

Please note: submissions are open to 2016 APPF participants only. You will need to provide your Brown Paper Tickets confirmation number when you submit your poems or artwork (you’re also asked to use your BPT number in naming your files). Registration was open July 4-17 and you would have received a confirmation email from Brown Paper Tickets during that time. Please check your inbox for that email and the confirmation number (it’s a long string of capital letters or letters and numbers). If you cannot locate your confirmation number, please contact APPF at editor@56daysofaugust.com.

Submissions will be open September 1 through November 1, 2016. Since there’s no big rush, you may want to set your poems aside for a week or two, then go back and re-read them before making your decisions about what to submit. The editors regret that not all work submitted will be included. Please submit only your very best poems and/or artwork.


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Week One

Charlie Stobert - stamps

One week into the 2016 August Poetry Postcard Fest and the Facebook group is percolating with activity. Here is a recap of some of the recurring themes (not direct quotes):

  • This is so cool!
  • A little scary.
  • My mailbox is still empty.
  • Wow! I’ve gotten all these cards already.
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  • I love your poem, but you didn’t sign it. Who are you?
  • Hooray for postage stamps.
  • Free-writing — yikes!
  • Feeling the flow.
  • Sharing some ideas for prompts.
  • Let’s talk about glue!
  • Be patient; the cards will arrive.

If you’re participating in the 2016 APPF and are not already part of the Facebook group, please consider joining, at least for the next couple of months. It’s a great place to find the spark you need to write that next postcard poem, get practical tips and “meet” the people whose poems are arriving in your mailbox.

And please, for at least the next month, refrain from posting poems or handmade postcard images — yours or those by others.

Thanks for your participation and your wonderful, thoughtful, inspired poems. Happy postcarding!
. . . . .
image courtesy 2016 APPF participant Charlie Stobert, used with permission


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Go poets!

Paul Nelson 2015 postcards received

Paul Nelson reports that about 85 people have already signed up for the August Poetry Postcard Fest. That means the first two lists have gone out and the third is nearly full. (The lists each have 32 names: one for each day of August, plus self.) Paul’s goal this year is 250 participants; it looks like we’re well on the way. Signups end on Sunday, July 17, 2016, at 11:59pm PDT, so there’s still time to recruit your poet friends. The official Year Ten Call to Poets is here.

If you’re a current or past APPF poet, you can join the APPF group on Facebook to follow the latest goings-on and get inspiration from other postcarders from around the world. And of course we’ll post details here about 56 Days of August, the book, as they are available.

. . . . .
image: Paul Nelson’s received postcards, 2015

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