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Just thought we’d give you a quick update on submissions to the 56 Days of August anthology.

To date, pill we’ve received 97 poems. Most people are sending the full complement of five, but some are submitting just one or two. In addition, we’ve received 33 artwork submissions, again mostly in batches of five.

That seems like a pretty solid start, considering that submissions will remain open through November 1, 2016.

If you’re thinking of submitting — and we hope you are — please follow carefully the guidelines for Poetry and/or Artwork.

A few questions have circulated on the APPF Facebook group, but in case you missed the answers or are not in the group, we’ll share them here:

  • Are edits acceptable or must the poems be submitted “raw”? The editors have agreed that minor edits (especially spelling, punctuation, line breaks) are reasonable, in order to put your poems into publication-worthy shape.
  • Is it okay to submit poems written in July or September? Definitely! As long as they were part of the 2016 Fest (including “bonus” cards).
  • I submitted but didn’t get a confirmation. When you submit to the anthology using the forms for Poetry and/or Artwork on the website, you should get an automatic confirmation email. If you did not get a confirmation, either a) your submission did not go through or b) there was a typo in your email address. In either case, send an email to to verify receipt.
  • What’s the deal with Brown Paper Tickets confirmation numbers? We’ve asked that all submissions, whatever the file format, be identified with a Brown Paper Tickets confirmation/registration/receipt/ticket number (whatever it’s called on your email). While we know this makes the submission process more complicated, it helps to assure that submissions will be judged “blind.” You would have received that number by email from Brown Paper Tickets during the August Poetry Postcard Fest open registration period, July 4-17. If you cannot locate your confirmation number, please send an email to and we’ll send it to you.

If you have other questions, please leave a Comment and we’ll do our best to answer.

And meanwhile, Send poems! Send artwork! You have until November 1 to be part of 56 Days of August!


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7 Responses to Progress report

  1. Diane Cammer

    If our poem/artwork is chosen, will we receive a free copy of the anthology? If not, what is the expected purchase price?

    • ina

      Hi Diane, Great question. We’re going to be working on some fundraising later in the process, and working with the publisher, in hopes of providing the anthology either free or at reduced-cost to those poets whose work is included. The funds will also, we hope, help with various potential readings/launch events. We’ll let everyone know as the fundraising proceeds 🙂

  2. I can’t remember what i submitted. Any way to check?

    • Judy

      Hi Barbara…answered this by email. jik

      • ina

        Hi Barbara, It looks like Judy already emailed you. As general info for anyone checking the blog, you can always contact an editor through the “contact us” page or by emailing us at editor [at] 56 days of august [dot] com (you-all know the whole drill about putting the email address together correctly!). We can get you the titles of works you’ve turned in, number, or just confirmed that your submission worked – ina

  3. Lindsey Martin-Bowen

    Please help. I inadvertently submitted two entries–and I need the first cancelled because it contains only one poem. My second entry contains five poems. (The submit button was immediately under the browse button for the first poem. Thus, I thought I had to submit each poem separately with that button as the Submittable site requires.)

    Can you help me–or are my entries now disqualified? Thank you.

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