Final decisions and next steps

Hi Everyone: 

Thank you all so much for your patience while we were making the really difficult choices of what to include in the 56 Days of August anthology.

Where Are We Now?

*You should have received acceptances and/or declines on all your submitted work as of today, 3/11/17. If you submitted something and haven’t heard back, please contact ina [at] 56 days of august [add a dot com] as soon as possible (please don’t use this website’s contact form for this part of the process)

*Further information (and possibly some thoughts about the process to this point) will be posted on this blog . In addition, you can keep track of the project on Facebook or on Twitter (handle @56daysofaugust)

 Next Steps, Short-Term

* We are in the
process of creating the order for the poems and artwork in the manuscript. This is likely to be a not-trivial process, as we have three editors and thus, three different opinions about how things should go 🙂 So you may not hear more from us right away

*While the mss is being completed, we will be collecting biographical info (we’ll let you know about the length and other guidelines for the bio as soon as we’ve got them figured out), acknowledgement of authors’/artists’ retention of rights to the published work, etc

*We’re also starting to work on launch events around the US and in other areas of the world. Are you interested in holding an event in your area or attending an event? Please contact us at editor [at] 56d ayso faug ust [stick those together and add a dot-com at the end].

More information will follow as we move through the process –

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