Author and Artist Information Requests

Hi Everyone,

Can’t thank you enough for your patience while I get the mss together, sort out titles for poems etc.

As of today,  each person who recieved an acceptance email should have received an email asking for his/her/their author/artist information.

The email comes from my personal address (which starts with inafelltoearth). If you haven’t received your email , please check your spam folder. If you still can’t find it, please contact the editors (editor [at] 56daysofaugust with that whole dot-comedie thing at the end) so I can make sure we get you what you need!

We would like the info by June 30th so we can get the mss on its way to the publisher  I apologize for the rush after keeping you-all waiting so long, and if you need more time, please let me know.

I’m hoping that this is the last major delay and that you should be getting very regular updates from us (a combination of my having a sudden health crisis and then a health issue in a family member have really made me the bottleneck to this process). Things to look forward to:

  • an email with the final version of your poem before it goes to the printer (artwork should not need a final check)
  • information including publication dates, fundraising, and other publication information
  • dates, times and places for celebrations, readings, and launch eventsaround the US and the globe (if you’re interested in holding one, please contact one of the editors! We’d love to help!)

Looking forward to moving towards the culmination of this process and enjoying the work you-all have done!
♥ Ina

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