Author and Artist Info Forms: Fixed!

Lovely postcarders,

The Google forms for author and artist information are working again! YAY! Please go back to the email you got requesting information about you (qua author / artist) and click the GoogleForm link. The link should now take you to a form and the form should let you fill in blanks and choose radio buttons.


Now some GREAT NEWS:  We’ve got a first draft of the anthology together (double YAY!). One of the things still to be added is all the author information. To date, we have received author info for around 60 out of our 65 poets and 18 out of our 30ish artists. If you’re one of the folks we still haven’t heard from, please fill out your form(s) by next Friday (6/30). 

If the link doesn’t lead you to the form or if you find you can edit the form but not fill it in, please, *please* contact us right away! I’ll get you the corrected link (some may not be working) or collect your info separately — no one should have to hassle his much with tech nonsense!

Thank you for your participation and support!  ~ Ina


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