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Here I am in lovely Seattle (let me tell you – this rain-loving girl has been suffering in Sunny California for months now – can’t tell you how lovely the cloud-cover is here). I am so looking forward to the Cascadia Poetry Festival and the two wonderful poetry postcard events!

The first event is tomorrow night, put together by one of the 56Days editors, Judy. If you’re in the Seattle/Bellingham area, please come to the Poetry Postcards Panel and Conversation! I’d love to meet you-all in real life. Plus, this may be one of the few times all three editors – Paul, Judy, and me –  are in the same place at the same time. Missing it would be like…I dunno missing a planetary syzygy event. You know.

In addition, the Cascadia Poetry Festival this week (Thursday night at 7, King’s Books, 218 St Helens Ave, Tacoma, WA.) with our official anthology launch!

That Small Nag:

56Days contributors, if you have sent me your address, thank you! Your copy of the anthology was packaged up last week and will be mailed to you first thing next week! (yay!) If you are a contributor and haven’t yet sent me your mailing address (ahem), please do so! Ye Olde Eds want to get this gorgeous book in your hands – you-all made a beautiful thing!

xox — Ina

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