November 15th

Ah, how I love the sound of  well priced premiums…Well maybe not the sounds, per se, but I do love them. 

And speaking of love, the editors (Paul, Judy, and I) are feeling the love from the contributors, donors, and supporters as we approach two events: the end of the 56DaysofAugust indiegogo fundraiser and the beginning of That Season.

With those two events in mind, and a lot of gratitude: on NOVEMBER 15th (one day only) we’re going to offer most of the available premiums for only $10. So if you haven’t had a chance to donate yet, or if you are looking to find a unique gift for a friend, this is your chance.

In addition to the $10 premiums options, we’ll have some copies of 56Days available, and a couple of multi-copy packages available.

And all of this comes with our deepest thanks to all of you who are helping out. Thanks so much!

xox Ina

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