#APPF13 (2019) Wrapups

#APPF13 (2019) Postcards received by Paul E Nelson, Postcardmaster General

#APPF13 (2019) Postcards received by Paul E Nelson, Postcardmaster General

After year 13 of the August Poetry Postcard Fest (aka PoPo) several folks have written short summaries of their experience. These are not all of the summaries, but a selection:

APPF13 (2019) Wrapups


(Pate Conaway)


(Sarah Sousa)

(Elizabeth Woods)

2019 August Postcard Poetry Fest

(Raymond Maxwell)


(Paul E Nelson)

The Steadfastness of Ink: A First-Timer’s Poetry Postcard Tale

(Lara Callahan Phelps)


(Amy Miller)


(Sarah Koenig)

And one note from last year (2018) that still makes me feel good:

Thanks to Paul and Lana for kicking off the August Poetry Postcard Festival and to Paul, for continuing to steward this creative endeavor from year to year. As a longtime participant, the fest has become a fixed part of the calendar, as established as Easter or Thanksgiving or Christmas. It’s been lovely to see old timers’ names from year to year, and new poets popping up each year. I appreciate all of your poems, postcards, and thoughts here in the Facebook Group and wish you the very best of luck with your poetry. Until next year—

(Judy Jensen, 2018)

Registration for #APPF14 is open at: https://appf14.brownpapertickets.com/

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  1. dear postcard poets,

    in receipt of your words, I was left in awe of how places can transform thoughts, how thoughts can flow so easily between us beside the stamps that send them. in reading each place, i could go where i never would have gone. i would go anywhere now, in these words that transport me.

    with love,

    a fellow writer

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