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You’ve got mail!

…or at least, you will soon!

As of a week+ ago, a contributor’s copy of the anthology has been sent to each of the poets and artists whose work is included. The latest was sent out 8 days ago. Since USPS media mail seems to get things to people within 14 days, if you haven’t received your copy next week, please let me know immediately so I can get you a replacement copy. Out of US donors, I’m afraid that it may take longer (as far as I can tell it’s completely random) – please let me know if you haven’t received your copy within a few weeks – we can track it (we have the technology!) and get you a new copy as needed.

For the many donors to our Indiegogo campaign: thank you so much! If you chose a premium with your donation, we’ll be mailing those out shortly – I’ll keep you posted.


Lastly, there are more launch events in the works! If you’d like to have one in your area, please contact the editors – we’ll be happy to help you out in whatever way works best for you.

With much gratitude – Ina (on behalf of myself, Paul, and Judy)

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November 15th

Ah, how I love the sound of  well priced premiums…Well maybe not the sounds, per se, but I do love them. 

And speaking of love, the editors (Paul, Judy, and I) are feeling the love from the contributors, donors, and supporters as we approach two events: the end of the 56DaysofAugust indiegogo fundraiser and the beginning of That Season.

With those two events in mind, and a lot of gratitude: on NOVEMBER 15th (one day only) we’re going to offer most of the available premiums for only $10. So if you haven’t had a chance to donate yet, or if you are looking to find a unique gift for a friend, this is your chance.

In addition to the $10 premiums options, we’ll have some copies of 56Days available, and a couple of multi-copy packages available.

And all of this comes with our deepest thanks to all of you who are helping out. Thanks so much!

xox Ina

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Contributors’ copies : status

One of those practical-issues notes for contributors:
If you’re waiting on your contributor’s copy of 56 Days of August, I apologize. I came back from Portland to discover that I’m up against a child’s unexpected health issue (like, I’m an M.D. and this was still really unexpected) and the entire rest of my life has had to be fit around dealing with that.
Right now, the second half of the mailing is in process, but, unlike the first half, I won’t get through it in a single day. My guess is it’s going to take me another week to make sure the book has been mailed to everyone on the list, assuming nothing else goes wrong.
My local post office told me that we’re looking at anything from 14 to 21 business days to get packages through, which is also going to add time.
I promise that I’ll let you-all know when they’ve all been mailed, so that you can be on the lookout for your copy (and know when you should contact me if yours doesn’t arrive).
Please note: if you got an/some additional copy/copies through a donation to Indiegogo, they will be mailed SEPARATELY after the fundraiser closes. We have to do this for record keeping and tax purposes.
Thank you all for your patience and for contributing your work to this anthology ~ Ina

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Would love to meet you+a small and loving nag…


Here I am in lovely Seattle (let me tell you – this rain-loving girl has been suffering in Sunny California for months now – can’t tell you how lovely the cloud-cover is here). I am so looking forward to the Cascadia Poetry Festival and the two wonderful poetry postcard events!

The first event is tomorrow night, put together by one of the 56Days editors, Judy. If you’re in the Seattle/Bellingham area, please come to the Poetry Postcards Panel and Conversation! I’d love to meet you-all in real life. Plus, this may be one of the few times all three editors – Paul, Judy, and me –  are in the same place at the same time. Missing it would be like…I dunno missing a planetary syzygy event. You know.

In addition, the Cascadia Poetry Festival this week (Thursday night at 7, King’s Books, 218 St Helens Ave, Tacoma, WA.) with our official anthology launch!

That Small Nag:

56Days contributors, if you have sent me your address, thank you! Your copy of the anthology was packaged up last week and will be mailed to you first thing next week! (yay!) If you are a contributor and haven’t yet sent me your mailing address (ahem), please do so! Ye Olde Eds want to get this gorgeous book in your hands – you-all made a beautiful thing!

xox — Ina

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Contributors (yes, talking to you!)

To all our brilliant contributors:

Have you been checking your mail? By now, you should have received an email requesting a mailing address for your contributor’s copy! If you haven’t, please contact the editors asap, so we can make sure your copy gets to you!



For all other lovely poetry and art loving people, if you want a copy of the anthology, there are LOTS of ways to get one – check out the Acquire page for all your options!



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At the publisher

Our lovely publisher, Five Oaks Press, has the anthology in their hands as we speak! As I was going through last edits, I was newly impressed by how much good work was submitted and reminded of how hard it was for Judy, Paul, and I to choose among them (more on that some other time).

This blog will keep you updated on anthology availability, launch events, and related fundraising, as will our FB page and our twitter account. In the meantime, enjoy August, postcard poets!!! ~Ina

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“Forms” problems strike again…

Participants, I’m sitting here in a swamp of frustration. Somehow GoogleForms deleted a bunch of the information from the earlier forms were turned in. I apologize – many of you have already given me the info twice over. I’ve learned my lesson – I’m not using Google Forms again. If I can’t figure out how to fix this new problem, I’ll be contacting some of you by email to get the information through email. If you don’t hear from me, it means you were one of the lucky people whose info didn’t get eaten. ~Ina

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Last Day–>Author and Artist Info!

Hi Lovely Creative Folks:

If you haven’t yet sent in your author info, please contact the editors and ask me for  the new link to the form (the old link now seems to have given up the ghost).

Also please check your email to make sure I haven’t sent you a request to fill a form out again – some of them didn’t take (I’m not sure if it’s the same form problem or that the submit button wasn’t working correctly for some people) .

Questions? Please contact me!xox Ina

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Author and Artist Info Forms: Fixed!

Lovely postcarders,

The Google forms for author and artist information are working again! YAY! Please go back to the email you got requesting information about you (qua author / artist) and click the GoogleForm link. The link should now take you to a form and the form should let you fill in blanks and choose radio buttons.


Now some GREAT NEWS:  We’ve got a first draft of the anthology together (double YAY!). One of the things still to be added is all the author information. To date, we have received author info for around 60 out of our 65 poets and 18 out of our 30ish artists. If you’re one of the folks we still haven’t heard from, please fill out your form(s) by next Friday (6/30). 

If the link doesn’t lead you to the form or if you find you can edit the form but not fill it in, please, *please* contact us right away! I’ll get you the corrected link (some may not be working) or collect your info separately — no one should have to hassle his much with tech nonsense!

Thank you for your participation and support!  ~ Ina


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Artist and Author forms

Hi Folks,
I’ve gotten numerous emails about problems filling out the author and artist info forms.I’m so sorry about the issues – they were working fine when first posted but it seems like the past few days have been difficult for people who are trying to use the forms 🙁

I have been working all weekend to figure out what on Earth is wrong, and have so far been completely unsuccessful.
As soon as I’ve gotten them fixed, I will let post here and on FB to let you know. If you’ve emailed the editors, I’ll email you back as soon as the relevant forms are working again –




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