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Best POPO Practices (Zoom Session Saturday)

Join us Saturday, July 11 at 11am PDT for a Zoom session on Best POPO Practices with the Co-Editors of 56 Days of August. Join J.I. Kleinberg, Paul E Nelson and Ina Roy-Faderman for 90 minutes of their approach to POPO, some of the best cards they have received and other aspects of their postcard philosophy. They will answer questions from attendees.

Paul E Nelson is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Best POPO Practices Zoom Meeting
Time: Jul 11, 2020 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 206 422 5002
Password: POPO

J.I. Kleinberg

Artist, poet, and freelance writer, Judy Kleinberg lives in Bellingham, Washington, and has been a devoted poetry postcarder since 2011. Her daily WordPress site, The Poetry Department, covers all-things-poetry in the upper left-hand corner of the U.S.A. Her found poems, now numbering upwards of 2100, have been widely published and can be seen on her other near-daily WordPress site, Chocolate Is A Verb.

Poet & interviewer Paul E Nelson founded SPLAB (Seattle Poetics LAB) & the Cascadia Poetry Festival. Since 1993, SPLAB has produced hundreds of poetry events & 600 hours of interview programming with legendary poets & whole systems activists. Books include A Time Before Slaughter/Pig War: & Other Songs of Cascadia, American Prophets (interviews 1994-2012) (2018) American Sentences (2015) A Time Before Slaughter (2009) and Organic in Cascadia: A Sequence of Energies (2013) and has . co-edited four anthologies. He writes an American Sentence every day.

Ina Roy-Faderman is delighted to be part of the August Poetry Postcard Fest for her nth (as in, “have lost count”) year. You can find her published writing in Principium, Pigeon Papers, Nunum, The Rumpus ,and elsewhere. When she’s not writing she teaches biomedical ethics and is an assistant editor at Rivet Magazine and at Right Hand Pointing. More info at and @inafelltoearth (Twitter and IG).


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Rattle Postcard Poetry Edition

I’m delighted to have a poem in the latest edition of Rattle #68 (June 2020) as well as an interview which touches on POPO.  Tim Green did a first-rate job on the interview and the magazine is $6.95. See if you can spot any postcard regulars in there.

POPO registration is at 335 at this writing, just about 100 away from last year’s record total of 424. Registration is linked HERE.

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PoPo Poet News: Books for Prisoners/Poems on the Death Penalty

from Sally:


I wanted to personally tell you how much I enjoyed participating in this year’s postcard poetry event. I feel my work has grown from where it was a year ago.

I am coordinating the reading of Strange Fruit at Elliott Bay on November 17th. Could you plug the reading? There will be a box for dictionary donations for Books to Prisoners at the reading. I am personally delivering the dictionaries to Books to Prisoners.

If someone wants to donate dictionaries in good condition before the reading, there are two local coffee shops that are accepting donations— Katy’s Corner Cafe at 20th and E. Union and Cortona Cafe at 2425 E. Union.

Sally Hedges-Blanquez

Books To Prisoners is a Seattle-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to foster a love of reading behind bars. We believe that books are tools for education, empowerment, and connection. We provide books to more than 10,000 people in prisons across the country every year, and the #1 request made to our organization is always for a dictionary. Our organization relies on donated books; with more than 2,000 annual requests for dictionaries, we unfortunately fall chronically short of being able to provide this basic instrument for self-help to all who are in need.

The Strange Fruit reading is for a new anthology of poems AGAINST the Death Penalty. Sarah Zale is the co-editor and the poster looks like this:


Your humble narrator has a poem in said collection, so buy two copies and give one to a prisoner or a friend.

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82 Signed up for APPF14 (2020)

82 postcard poets have signed up for APPF14 in 2020:

(Click on image to register)

Colette Rebecca Diana Mary Beth Mary Beth Laura Alley Kristen Christine Mary Laura Meghan S.E. Ingraham Julie Alan Martha Jackson Vasiliki Heather Katie Carol Judy Sarah Walter Jessie Jessie Teri Mary Ruth Deborah Tim Raymond Carolyn NanLeah Lylanne Rochelle Jerrold Julie Diane Paul E Rosina Trilla Theresa Elizabeth Janet Shelly Valerie linda StanleydelGozo Sigrid Nancilynn Ellen Bob Sarah Dickenson DEB Abhaya Marc Timi Peggy KJ Martha Martha Barbara Jean Maggie Donna Kath Abela Bernadette.

We hope to exceed our 2019 total of 424. Won’t you help us spread the word?

#APPF13 (2019) Wrapups

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Call: The Art of the Postcard

From APPF veteran Denise Hill:

Hi Paul –

Thank you for another wonderful year of the August Postcard Poetry Festival! I received a wonderful gob of postcards this year, and enjoyed the satisfaction of completing the event!

Just ran across this: Inverted Syntax has an Art of the Postcard call open until October 15:

Denise Hill

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Rattle Call for Postcard Poems

From Rattle Magazine:

Ends on January 15, 2020

Our Summer 2020 issue will feature to Postcard Poems. The poems may be any style or subject, but must have been written on and be accompanied by a related postcard. The issue itself will likely include both the poems as written on the postcards and the postcards themselves, so we need to know who created both the postcard artwork and the poem. Homemade postcards, artists you know, or public domain/Creative Commons licensed art is extremely preferred, but we’ll do our best to work with what we want to publish. Our goal is to support and encourage the act of writing poems on postcards and sharing them in this personal and intimate way. For an idea of how postcard poetry works, read our essay by Paul Nelson about his annual August Postcard Poetry Festival. CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT.


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#APPF13 (2019) Wrapups

#APPF13 (2019) Postcards received by Paul E Nelson, Postcardmaster General

#APPF13 (2019) Postcards received by Paul E Nelson, Postcardmaster General

After year 13 of the August Poetry Postcard Fest (aka PoPo) several folks have written short summaries of their experience. These are not all of the summaries, but a selection:

APPF13 (2019) Wrapups

(Pate Conaway)

(Sarah Sousa)

(Elizabeth Woods)

2019 August Postcard Poetry Fest

(Raymond Maxwell)

(Paul E Nelson)

The Steadfastness of Ink: A First-Timer’s Poetry Postcard Tale

(Lara Callahan Phelps)

(Amy Miller)

(Sarah Koenig)

And one note from last year (2018) that still makes me feel good:

Thanks to Paul and Lana for kicking off the August Poetry Postcard Festival and to Paul, for continuing to steward this creative endeavor from year to year. As a longtime participant, the fest has become a fixed part of the calendar, as established as Easter or Thanksgiving or Christmas. It’s been lovely to see old timers’ names from year to year, and new poets popping up each year. I appreciate all of your poems, postcards, and thoughts here in the Facebook Group and wish you the very best of luck with your poetry. Until next year—

(Judy Jensen, 2018)

Registration for #APPF14 is open at:

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You’ve got mail!

…or at least, you will soon!

As of a week+ ago, a contributor’s copy of the anthology has been sent to each of the poets and artists whose work is included. The latest was sent out 8 days ago. Since USPS media mail seems to get things to people within 14 days, if you haven’t received your copy next week, please let me know immediately so I can get you a replacement copy. Out of US donors, I’m afraid that it may take longer (as far as I can tell it’s completely random) – please let me know if you haven’t received your copy within a few weeks – we can track it (we have the technology!) and get you a new copy as needed.

For the many donors to our Indiegogo campaign: thank you so much! If you chose a premium with your donation, we’ll be mailing those out shortly – I’ll keep you posted.


Lastly, there are more launch events in the works! If you’d like to have one in your area, please contact the editors – we’ll be happy to help you out in whatever way works best for you.

With much gratitude – Ina (on behalf of myself, Paul, and Judy)

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November 15th

Ah, how I love the sound of  well priced premiums…Well maybe not the sounds, per se, but I do love them. 

And speaking of love, the editors (Paul, Judy, and I) are feeling the love from the contributors, donors, and supporters as we approach two events: the end of the 56DaysofAugust indiegogo fundraiser and the beginning of That Season.

With those two events in mind, and a lot of gratitude: on NOVEMBER 15th (one day only) we’re going to offer most of the available premiums for only $10. So if you haven’t had a chance to donate yet, or if you are looking to find a unique gift for a friend, this is your chance.

In addition to the $10 premiums options, we’ll have some copies of 56Days available, and a couple of multi-copy packages available.

And all of this comes with our deepest thanks to all of you who are helping out. Thanks so much!

xox Ina

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Contributors’ copies : status

One of those practical-issues notes for contributors:
If you’re waiting on your contributor’s copy of 56 Days of August, I apologize. I came back from Portland to discover that I’m up against a child’s unexpected health issue (like, I’m an M.D. and this was still really unexpected) and the entire rest of my life has had to be fit around dealing with that.
Right now, the second half of the mailing is in process, but, unlike the first half, I won’t get through it in a single day. My guess is it’s going to take me another week to make sure the book has been mailed to everyone on the list, assuming nothing else goes wrong.
My local post office told me that we’re looking at anything from 14 to 21 business days to get packages through, which is also going to add time.
I promise that I’ll let you-all know when they’ve all been mailed, so that you can be on the lookout for your copy (and know when you should contact me if yours doesn’t arrive).
Please note: if you got an/some additional copy/copies through a donation to Indiegogo, they will be mailed SEPARATELY after the fundraiser closes. We have to do this for record keeping and tax purposes.
Thank you all for your patience and for contributing your work to this anthology ~ Ina

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