Our Indiegogo fundraiser was a rousing success! Thank you so much to all the great people who supported this project – you either have already or will shortly be receiving any premiums that you asked for – 

Support the art of spontaneous poetry by donating to our indiegogo fundraiser!

All funds will be used to provide contributor’s copies to each poet and artist whose work is included in the anthology, create extraordinary launch events, and cover some of the costs taken on by the volunteer editors and artists.

Check out the intro video for this fundraiser: 56 Days of August – Medium

And here’s a list of the terrific perks that you can have for your very own, for supporting the anthology:

  • A copy of 56 Days of August, mailed to you.
  • A signed copy of Seasonal Works with Letters on Fire, the latest book by Brenda Hillman.
  • A signed copy of Crossing the Yellow River, translations from the Chinese by Sam Hamill.
  • Drug and Disease Free, signed by Michael Broder
  • Editor’s Eye, Short Fiction
  • Gas & Food, No Lodging, signed by Devi Laskar
  • Habitation, Collected Poems, signed, Sam Hamill
  • Mephistos,  signed copy of the latest book from Beat Poetry legend Michael McClure, published by City Lights.
  • Monster Poems, signed by Daniel Ari, artwork by Lauren Ari
  • One Way to Ask signed by Daniel Ari, with original art by artists including R. Crumb, Roz Chast, and Bill Griffith.
  • Passport signed copy, paintings by Galen Garwood and poems by Sam Hamill.
  • 56 Days of August Logo Poster, a limited-edition 20″ x 16″ poster signed by the artist, David O. Seaver.
  • Autographed copy of the 1974 book The Stick, by Vancouver, BC, poet George Stanley
  • This Life Now, signed by Michael Broder
  • A signed copy of Vancouver: A Poem by Vancouver poet George Stanley

If this isn’t a good time for a financial donation, never fear! We would love for you to share this post with your friends on social media or even (WOW!) in real life!

Purchase the anthology

If you’d like a copy of the anthology and don’t manage to get to indiegogo in time, you can still purchase copies through Amazon